Review Gratitude in Motion by Colleen Kelly Alexander

A True Story of Hope, Determination, and the Everyday Heroes Around Us


Review Gratitude in Motion by Colleen Kelly Alexander – It was a beautiful fall day in Connecticut when Colleen Kelly Alexander, a lifelong athlete, rode her bike home from work. She had survived both a diagnosis of lupus and brain surgery, had a fulfilling career, and was married at last to the love of her life. Everything was good as she coasted along, meeting the eyes of a truck driver as he approached the stop sign beside her.

He didn’t stop. The truck hit Colleen, running over her lower body with front and back tires and dragging her across the pavement. As she bled out in the street, nearby strangers surrounded her and the driver attempted to get away. An EMT herself, Colleen knew she had to stay awake. “I’ve just been reconnected with my soulmate,” she told the medic. “We want to have a baby. I can’t die now. Please don’t let me die.”

Five weeks in a coma and twenty-nine surgeries later, Colleen survived. Rather than let the trauma and PTSD control her life, she became determined to find a way to make something positive from her pain. She decided she’d run again and dedicate her race medals to the everyday heroes around us, including the medical staff and blood donors who saved her life. Since then Colleen has run fifty races and completed forty triathlons, including four half-Ironman events. Now a spokesperson for the Red Cross, Colleen shares her incredible inspirational story to encourage others to take that first step forward.


Review Gratitude in Motion by Colleen Kelly Alexander – First I have to admit that Colleen Kelly Alexander’s story and experience have opened my eyes. There are many events in life that I might not be able to understand but I know that there is a reason behind them.

Like when Colleen Kelly Alexander, an innocent young woman who is living the happiest time of her life, is harrowingly run over by a truck. That fall day should be an interesting moment of her life. She finally gets to be with the love of her life after going through a series of failures.

It’s painful and unimaginable, when Colleen is hit by a truck. The second the vehicle hits her, the front and back tires drags the lower part of her body across the pavement. This whole horrifying event is followed by a full 5-week of coma at the hospital and 29 surgeries on her body. Before losing her consciousness, Colleen begged to be saved, and I think that is what should happen.

Now that she makes it and survives, there is a lot she can do. But she has lost her career. Not to mention that she also also suffers from lupus. But curling and crying is not who Colleen is. She wants to thank the people who have kept her alive. She wants to keep running and get medals for all the nurses, doctors, other medical staff and everyone who have given her life back.

The writing in this book flows smoothly and carries strong emotions with it. I couldn’t stop at one page. I kept pursuing Collen’s narrative and thoughts until the end of the book. I felt pain, devastation and joy and finally saw that Colleen is indeed very strong.

I was speechless to see Colleen winning 50 races and playing in 40 triathalons and 4 Ironman events. Colleen has received alot and now she is trying to give back as much to others.

What I have finished now is not just Colleen’s story. I feel that I have gained unlimited positive energy from this book.

A very inspiring and positive piece of work.


What I have finished now is not just Colleen's story. I feel that I have gained unlimited positive energy from this book. A very inspiring and positive piece of work.

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