Review Take Off Your Shoes By Ben Feder

Take Off Your Shoes: One Man's Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back

Review Take Off Your Shoes By Ben Feder


The Eat, Pray, Love for busy executives, Take Off Your Shoes invites the reader to join a journey of self-rediscovery.

A hard-charging CEO of a large enterprise, Ben Feder discovers that he is losing the very things that sustained him over his years of business success. Unsettled by his insight and determined to rebuild family relationships and rejuvenate his sense of purpose, he risks his career on a life-altering physical and emotional journey. Together with his wife and children, Feder sets off for an exotic island on a self-prescribed sabbatical year. That experience transforms them all.

If 10% Happier made you more mindful, and Wild more adventuresome, Take Off Your Shoes will ground you and help you find your soul.

The writing is honest and moving, baring the author’s innermost struggles and fears, and enticing the reader to share his quest. As Feder navigates the thrills and pitfalls of his time away, he draws us into remarkable examinations of values and priorities in adult life.


Honestly, I did not read much-traveling books before. But finding Take Off Your Shoes: One Man’s Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back by Ben Feder at Netgalley is good luck. Something that makes me directly choose this book to read is a picture of “temple” cover section. “Pura” is a temple typical of Hindu worship place in Bali. Then I realized if this is the story of Ben Feder in Bali. I can not wait to read this story, because I live in Indonesia, so I want to know what Ben Feder got from Bali.

From the beginning, Ben Feder told me that he is a perfect person. Wait, this is not pride but a life to be told. Ben Feder married Victoria and lives with his four children in New York. The family life is perfect, Ben Feder’s career is at the peak, as well as full of love with Victoria. Their children: Sam, Oliver, Nava, and Rita also live well off without any economic problems. But what Ben Feder feels can then become changed. What if He suddenly performs sabbatical. Long breaks to reflect. He has a perfect career, but often feels less happy when he meets his children. He feels guilty for his family. Then Victoria gave a startling proposal. Leave a career and try to live away from New York. The decision to go to Bali is not easy. Ben Feder and Victoria take careful decisions. Because the education of their children must walk. As the color of Indonesia, I feel happy Ben Feder finally settled in Bali.

The discovery of Ben and His Family

Ben Feder rented a villa in Ubud. Ubud is the perfect place to find peace. I myself feel it when going to Ubud for two or three days to reduce stress. I imagine going to Ubud, following the flow of the Ayung river, feeling the cool breeze and the beautiful green rice fields. Ben felt something to make a difference in his life. The balance between career, family life, and feelings. Honestly, throughout this book, Ben Feder has a lot to say about his career journey, such as the decision to leave his career at the top and how he is risking his career when he has to return to New York.

Yoga, art, and travel in Ubud are a perfect part of the life of the Ben Feder family. Reflections on how the life of people in Bali is very interesting. Anyone can feel the peace and start thinking about what you are living for. I believe this is the best part for Ben Feder. While the journey of art is another story of Ben’s discovery. There is a process that begins when learning from several artists in Ubud. I often encounter tourists who enter the gallery, buy and go home bringing the work. But from Ben Feder, I do not know if so much of a person’s reflection on art can change personal and deep thinking.

Nothing to worry about

I felt sad when it was time for Ben and his family to leave Bali. I imagine that feeling and if I can not go from Bali. But Ben’s decision to return to New York is a fair thing for his life. Children should get a good education, their families in New York and careers.

The trip gave effect to the Ben Feder family all the way to New York. It is not easy to get back to the same career and it also happens. Then the growing children made Victoria want to return to a career. And Bali is becoming a more beautiful beginning for this family.

I think this the right decision for Ben Feder. There is nothing wrong with someone with a high career to go for a moment. Bali will heal you all like Ben. In the end, there is nothing to regret.

As an Indonesian

I do not know what Ben Feder hopes for this book. But as an Indonesian, I try to be honest. Ben Feder gives me a picture of what people are coming to Ubud. I live in Java Island and often spend time in Ubud. Initially, I imagined the Ben Feder family like other tourists, just spending the time to have fun and get out of the crowds of New York. But I was wrong. There is something to be achieved by Ben Feder who later also spread to his wife and child.

There are some things that make me tickled, like when Ben went cycling to Ijen. Some time ago I just go to Ijen and through the forest at night. I found a village that had just felt the pleasure of having electricity. It’s like Ben’s complaint when cycling on the streets of Indonesia. Not all good roads. I do not want to give criticism to anyone, but the condition is honest.

Or when Ben and the kids go to Sumatra. I’ve also been to Sumatra and felt the same kind of alienation as Ben felt. Then when their guide said “Sumatra is dangerous”, I am not offended.

So, thank you for making Bali an important place in your life.

Also thanks to Netgalley, Ben Feder and Radius Book Group.

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I think   : Buy it

Page Length : 224 pages

Publisher, date : Everafter Romance, 01 May 2018


Stories that will open your eyes and heart


Too many self-discovery stories, some readers may not be too happy.

Take Off Your Shoes by Ben Feder


I think this the right decision for Ben Feder. There is nothing wrong with someone with a high career to go for a moment. Bali will heal you all like Ben. In the end, there is nothing to regret.

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